Kevin Sudeith…Holding Hands, 2018


Kevin Sudeith, Holding Hands V (916 NM +  918 MD), 2018
Handmade cotton paper, pigments, methyl cellulose, spray fixative, and linen tape embossed from petroglyph
43 x 51 inches (dimensions variable)

Over the last decade Kevin Sudeith has been creating rock carvings at various locations throughout the country. Holding Hands V (916 NM + 918 MD) is the combination of two unique, handmade impressions of his iconic astronaut petroglyphs. The astronaut on the left was embossed from a work in New Mexico and the other in Maryland.  The artist’s process begins with carving iconic imagery, significant to the locale, on rocks native to the landscape of the region where he is working. From these petroglyphs Sudeith then creates unique embossments using handmade paper that he makes on site.

in the rack…Kevin Sudeith…001