Welcome to Gates of the West, a collaborative multimedia platform curating the artist’s virtual space. With photographs, videos, critical texts, and transcribed conversations, Gates of the West brings us inside the creative lives of an evolving, curated group of contemporary, visual artists; we find exclusive selections of their artwork alongside inclusive looks into their personal and studio process.

Gates of the West comes to life in the midst of a scrolling art world, or really a scrolling society, where culture is consumed more quickly and in greater volume than ever before. We see it in the likes of Instagram, and in the app’s tangible equivalents like the art fair circuit. But when we as viewers launch into lightspeed, so much becomes a blur—we get to Point B but with no understanding of Point A or the vast space between. This is the void Gates of the West aims to fill, bridging the accessibility of an online art viewing platform with the breadth and intimacy of an in-person studio visit.

For our featured artists, we bring you three distinct points of entry: context serves as a starting base, where Gates of the West situates the artist and work within larger cultural and art historical conversations; dialogue gives insight into the artist, both as a person and as a creator, through a more informal interview format; studio acts as a kind of photo essay, taking us inside the artist’s world, exploring all the spaces where creation occurs (whether that be before a painting, an oven, a forest, or an open road), and expanding the definition of the studio.

We also give our audience the opportunity to view artworks exclusive to Gates of the West; for in the rack, we work with our featured artists to put together unique groupings of new work. There, viewers can browse through available works and easily contact us for more information.

Gates of the West, titled after a favorite Clash song, was born from a desire to make the creative realms of artists as accessible as their works. We invite you to keep up with us on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at: info@gatesofthewest.art.


Gail Stoicheff
Gail Stoicheff